Some 2010 Tunes

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I aplogize for the bare bones appearance of this web page but I'm using a relatively ancient version of Dreamweaver (from a USB drive) and am too lazy to do much more. At least I was able to get the music player to work on an iPhone/iPad (they don't support Flash).

I've uploaded a few 2011 tunes here. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Liner Notes

For most of these tracks, I played the melody, chose the chords, decided on the arrangement (not necessarily in that order) and used PGMusic tools to provide me with my virtual studio musicians. So if you hear an instrument like a fiddle, harmonica, guitar or sax that sounds like an accomplished musician was playing it, that is not me. If you hear a somewhat flawed guitar or keyboard/synth, that's probably me. And yes, that is me "singing" (I need to find a more accurate verb) on Snow Shark which was inspired by this during last February's snowmageddon.

Funky Zombies was created using nothing but Garageband on Halloween morning. At the other extreme, Finale was created the old fashioned way-- track by track, note by note, loop by loop, using a Yamaha keyboard and some MIDI sequencing software.