2011 CD Project - Standing By The Side Of The Road

You can download the complete album in .mp3 format here.

All music by LJ Montgomery (BMI) and published by Montgo Media (BMI). Copyright © 2010-2011 by Montgo Media (BMI).

Thanks to everyone who took the surveys and provided feedback and support. These are the tracks that made the final cut.

A few others tunes garnered a fair number of votes so I'll make those available for download on a seperate page once I get them organized.

I'll admit that The Finale didn't receive as many votes as some others but I felt compelled to include it since I recorded all the parts and didn't use any software generated accompaniment tracks.

In many cases, the melody was sort of a placeholder in hopes that a lyric would somehow arise. If you're a lyricist/vocalist and want to collaborate on any of these with me, let me know.

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