Custom Backing Tracks

Do you have a song that you wish you could have recorded in a recording studio with professional studio musicians (or talented bandmates) BUT (a) lack the budget for it, and/or (b) lack a clear vision of what you want the outcome to be? We may be able to help. By using Band-in-a-Box with RealTracks we have been able to give singer/songwriters a reasonable approximation of a fully arranged and recorded demo for a relatively minimal fee (in some cases for free).

While this is no substitute for a professionally produced, mixed and mastered track, we can add accompaniment tracks that will present your song in a more polished manner and give you ideas as to what to shoot for (or avoid) should you eventually schedule studio time. Having a clearer vision of what you want your finished song to sound like should save you time and money (and make your producer’s job a little easier). When/if you decide to look into booking a professional recording studio in the Baltimore/Annapolis area, we can make a few recommendations.

Here Are Two Examples

This is a song called Tainted by the very talented Jamie Michelle Adair. Check out more of her music at the Jamie Adair Music page.

Here’s another example by the wonderful and unique Jinx Montague.

Backing Tracks for Cover Bands

Since many cover bands are now using prerecorded accompaniment tracks, we may be able to provide a track that will fill the void if you want to perform a song that needs additional instrumentation such as keys, horns, etc.

Interested? Contact us for a free estimate. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.